How to Test & Prototype a Startup Idea Super Fast!

​People talk about the "risk" in entrepreneurship. You might spend a ton of time and money building a product nobody wants. So, we're going to go over a way to "fake" our startup idea in the market and test if anyone tries to buy it - mitigating that initial risk!
We will walk through cheaply and quickly validating and prototyping your startup idea using nifty customer discovery and no-code tools.

About our Speaker:
Max Mirho is the Hacker-In-Residence at the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University.
Max is a recent CMU graduate and host of a live show called EntrepreNerd on Twitch. He builds tiny startups every week, usually in under 90 minutes, to teach how entrepreneurship functions in the real world - and he does it all without technical skillsets or code. Max has spoken at over 50 universities and high school programs across the world in the past year and regularly mentors students on how to start their own companies. His goal is to democratize entrepreneurship for all and make building projects and companies more accessible.
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