How to Tap into Global Social Media Trends | #BoFLive

The lifestyles of consumers are increasingly digital and global. As a result, new technological developments are transforming how consumers interact with social media globally, creating compelling consumer behavioural trends.
But what are the most significant trends to be aware of and how can businesses position themselves to tap them?
Please join Linkfluence’s Benjamin Duvall and Pablo Mauron of the Digital Luxury Group in discussion with BoF’s Robin Mellery-Pratt as they explore how retailers and brands can tap into the emerging global social media trends driving growth in today’s global market.

Benjamin Duvall, chief evangelist, Linkfluence
Pablo Mauron, managing director China & partner, Digital Luxury Group
Hosted by Robin Mellery-Pratt

This BoF Live is brought to you in partnership with Linkfluence, a leader in consumer intelligence enabling global brands to derive actionable insights from social data. Learn more at linkfluence.com.

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