How to Start a Web Design Business (This Plan Got Me Multiple $20,000 WordPress Clients)

If you know how to build websites, what's stopping you from making money as a freelance web design business?

You are likely vastly overestimating what it takes to get your first web design client. If there's anything I've learned in 10+ years of running my web design business, it's that a single client can produce enormous lifetime value.

This is especially true for web developers who think every website needs to be a custom coded creation. Stop thinking like an employee and start earning more with less effort by following these tips that have allowed me to work from home managing WordPress websites for local small business clients.

Here are the chapters to follow along:

Intro - 00:00
Pick a web design niche - 00:56
Start with local clients - 01:54
Build a website template - 03:12
What's your web design platform? - 04:33
Test your pricing - 06:55
Simple fundamentals win - 09:38
Use accounting software - 10:54
Be realistic with expectations - 11:59

We dig into why it's crucial to work with one industry within web design instead of taking on any project that comes your way. That's how you'll position yourself as a marketing expert instead of a commodity.

You'll learn why it's best to start local instead of putting yourself on massive freelancing platforms, competing with web design freelancers from all around the world.

Do you think a portfolio is your most important asset? I truly believe this is a major mistake that all web design business beginners make. They spend far too much time crafting the ideal portfolio website when it's much better to build a small business niche website template.

While I always recommend WordPress with the Divi theme as the most affordable and flexible web design option, listen to why I've come around to other platforms such as Squarespace if it gets your web design business up and running faster. However, I think a custom HTML/CSS build is unnecessary and will likely cause more problems updating the website in the long run.

Watch me build a website with Divi step-by-step:


Web design pricing is another major sticking point that holds people up. You'll hear how I think about the cost of a web design project and why you must go after recurring income for predictable freelancing income. It's all about a long-term mindset and not squeezing every last dollar in the short-term.

To make the financial side easier to deal with, make sure you use accounting software to separate your business expenses from your personal expenses. Here are a few recommendations:


Read the blog post:


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