How to self-learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript for beginners? | Web developer roadmap | Naukri Learning

Preparing to start in a Web Development career? Watch the video to understand a detailed roadmap to learning Web Development from scratch.

You will learn various aspects of HTML, CSS and JavaScript like setting up the environment, HTML tags, CSS & selectors along with hands-on tutorials.

---- Contents of the video-------------------------------
00:00 Introduction
01:29 Learning roadmap
04:23 Installing VSCode
06:33 Basics of the web
08:24 What is HTML/CSS?
09:18 HTML Tags
11:40 Writing HTML code
16:36 CSS Selectors
18:09 Demonstration
20:33 JavaScript
24:57 Useful resources

Links to useful resources mentioned in the video -
Web developer Bootcamp course by Udemy -

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