How to Secure Your Microservices Architecture With JSON Web Tokens

JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) encapsulate authorization data in a portable, stateless manner. But what happens when a request arrives at a context boundary such as an API gateway fronting microservices? In this webinar, Dan Moore, head of developer relations at FusionAuth, will discuss how authorization information can cross such boundaries, how JWTs can help you secure your microservices and which signing protocols make sense when. This webinar will cover:
- JWT basics, signing algorithms and how to avoid common issues with JWTs
- Common auth architectures for microservices and context boundaries
- JWT validation (it's not just about the signature!)
- Revoking JWTs

Authentication is core to any application and is commonly extracted to a standalone service. But how can you ensure that users only access data they should in a scalable, resilient and secure manner? This webinar will teach you how to approach authentication and authorization in a microservices architecture with JWTs.
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