How To Properly Use A Brief For PROFESSIONAL DESIGNS

Today we design something from scratch using a brief. Follow along this design journey with me.
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The brief is so fundamental to the graphic design process, and from that brief we can extrapolate a lot of useful information such as the target market and so on. As designers, we need to act a lot like detectives to generate ideas via research and study. This is the workflow method I use, and it's often very helpful when it comes to designing billboards for example, or any type of design for that matter!
The design process from brief to design, while using something like Milanote or other design tools to conduct research, is the only one that you will ever likely need.

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0:00 intro
0:12 The Brief
1:05 The Target Market
1:30 Research
3:09 Shape Psychology
4:12 Billboards
4:49 TIP In Photoshop
5:46 The Design Process
8:31 Finished Design


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