How to price my Webflow project

How to price my Webflow project

This video teaches you how to price your Webflow projects and how to determine how much your projects are worth!

Watch this video to find out:

✅ All the factors you must consider when pricing your projects
✅ How to justify your prices
... and more!

Enjoy this week's video!

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Agency Website:


0:00 INTRO
0:30 Pricing website per page
1:23 Charge based on website complexity
2:11 Pricing based on timeline
2:35 Charging for interactions
3:02 Charging for CMS
3:49 Charging for photos and illustrations
4:32 Charging for change in scope
5:15 Charging for integrations
5:29 Charging for content delays
6:11 Charging for basic SEO
6:37 Charging for messy classes
7:26 Charging for extra communication
8:17 Charge for site migration
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