How to prepare for Web Developer Interview ✅

Sharing my personal tips and tricks to crack Frontend Interview with ease and helping you to prepare for each and every round in your upcoming Web Developer Interview for big companies.

After giving interviews for Google, Uber, Micorosft, Amazon, Walmart and a lot of others. I’ve got a decent idea about what these companies are expecting in terms of technical skills when it comes to Web Developer Interviews.

And you know what? It’s really very easy to crack if you understand the process well and you prepare yourself step by step for each and every round of the interview.

Here are the 5 major areas which they focus while judging the candidate:
- Machine Coding
- DS/Algo
- UI Tech
- UI System Design
- Managerial Round

If you take a closer look, each of these rounds judges you on a different skill and it is almost mandatory to pass all these rounds in order to get the offer letter.

In this video series, I’ll be going into the details of each of these rounds. Everything right from the questions asked, tips to approach them, how to manage time and whatever I’ve learned I’ll share in my upcoming videos in this series.

I’m all set for preparing you, but I will also need your help in the process. You can help me in the following 3 ways:
- Comment down in order, which rounds among these 5 you find the hardest to the least hard. That will help me preparing content accordingly.
- Comment down specific questions or topics you want me to cover, which you might have faced in interviews or any topic which you are finding hard to understand
- Share this video with all the web developers and help each other. Just like I’m putting efforts in creating these and helping you all. You also help others by sharing this and helping them get jobs.
Let’s build a great community of Web Developers together.

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