How To Outsource Web Design Work to $10K Per Month

Outsourcing your work is a great way to increase your monthly income. Being able to manage a small team of designers is the key to taking work off of your shoulders directly and trusting other designers with the ability to do the work. Outsourcing design work before you think you're ready is also an important step in this process. If you're able to manage designers before you're making a huge profit that's also considered a success in my opinion. Outsourcing your work, in general, is a huge feat and if you can successfully do it you'll be able to grow your agency or design practice to way more than 10k per month.

0:00 Intro
0:30 Why get into outsourcing
2:30 Trialing designers
4:20 Test soft skills
5:00 How much to pay them?
6:30 How to get started
9:00 How to get your first Webflow job!
9:20 Don’t get scared with the work

Web design
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