How to model a page design as components? | Dev Tutorial

Content modeling is the process of designing the data structures for your content. Learn how to quickly identify what parts of a website design constitute a Custom Type and be able to build it easily with Slice Machine.

As a developer, you should build websites using your favorite Jamstack framework.
Prismic allows you to build website sections, that you can connect to a website builder for your client or team. They will create pages from there and you get that content back to your code through our fast API.

► [Tutorial] Build a Next.js website, while delivering a page builder to your team:

► [Starters] Try Slice Machine on Nuxt:

► [Starters] Try Slice Machine on Next.js:

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► [Who are we?] : Prismic is a headless Website Builder, for Next.js and Nuxt.js developers.

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