How to migrate a WordPress website (Easily transfer a client website)

In this video I am going to show you how to migrate a Wordpress website from one server to another.


Many web designers and freelancers will need to transfer Wordpress websites for their client if the client would like to change to a new host, or perhaps you built the website on a subdomain and need to transfer to a live domain.

We are going to cover the variety of ways you can transfer a client website, by using site ground migration or using a Wordpress plugin. If you are also looking to migrate Wordpress website to a new domain, we are going to cover the process of re-pointing your domain name from the old host server to the new host sever.

Come the end, you are going to be able to confidently transfer your client's Wordpress website, and understand some of the common challenges faced when completing a website transfer.

How to set up Wordpress hosting:

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