How to manage your website design projects like a PRO with Notion

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Learn how to set up a project manager inside of Notion, so you can start to manage your website design projects like a PRO.

In this video, I am showing you how I start my project planning in Notion. This has helped me to develop a clearer process that my clients enjoy but also improved my productivity.

The screens I share in this video from my Notion setup in 2022 are mainly for website design projects, but you can adapt your pages to any type of project that you might need.

This Notion Template is my personal template and will be creating one for you to download in the near future. In the meantime, make sure to check out No-Code Dan, who is creating a crazy dashboard with everything you will need to run your solo creator business inside of Coda.

No-code Dan: https://twitter.com/NoCodeDan

About Me:
Leopoldo Pirela is a Freelance Marketing Designer and Webflow Expert, who has been working with early-stage startups for over 10 years.

During his career as a Freelance Marketing Designer, he has worked with major brands to help them raise funding and close new clients. He specializes in Pitch Deck, Website, and UI Design, which he uses to solve business problems for his customers.

Leo is currently creating a lot more content that will help others learn the design and business skills that are needed to run a successful website design freelance business. So if you are interested in seeing what he has to offer, check out the rest of his videos and follow him around the web.

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Twitter: @leop2401

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