How To Make Website using HTML CSS & JavaScript Full Multi Page Website Design Step By Step Tutorial

Learn How To Make Website using HTML CSS & JavaScript Full Multi Page Website Design Step By Step Tutorial.
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In this tutorial, you're going to learn How To Make a Website using HTML CSS & JavaScript Complete Multi Page Website Design Step By Step Tutorial. You will be learning how to use modern CSS (CSS3), HTML5, and JavaScript to create an interactive multiple pages website. We will be using CSS Media Queries to make our website responsive on tablets and mobile phones.

A basic understanding of HTML and CSS is required, although everything will be explained! As we code along, you will learn how to create multiple pages for your website and also how to link one page to another. We will be using CSS Flexbox and CSS grid to easily align elements on our website since CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid make building responsive websites very simple. We will also be using CSS Variables, to make our website easy to customize.

CSS units like rem (root element), fr (fractions), percentages, vh (viewport height), and vw (viewport width) will be used a lot in this tutorial in order to easily achieve the responsiveness of our website.

Our Website will have a fully functioning contact form so that we can receive messages in our email, a testimonial section with slide effects using SwiperJS, frequently asked questions toggle, and more!

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00:00:00 Intro (Project Overview)
00:01:45 Video Modal Popup Functionality
00:07:30 Responsive Design (Media Queries for tablets)
00:22:057 Responsive Design (Media Queries for mobile phones)
00:37:35 Show/Hide Sidebar on using JavaScript
00:45:10 Toggle FAQs using JavaScript
00:49:30 Change Navbar Styles on scroll using JavaScript
00:51:37 Contact Page HTML
00:57:20 Contact Page CSS
01:07:14 Contact Form Submission using Formspree.io
01:10:43 FAQs Page
01:15:00 Website Deployment on Hostinger (Upload your website to the internet)
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