How To Make Web Design More Profitable

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I'm a BIG fan of finding web design clients with a budget for professional work. Making more money from fewer clients is so much more profitable than constantly hunting for the next small project.

But, it's no secret that some web designers are struggling to charge the rates they need. I regularly talk to people with graphic design degrees, marketing degrees, and years of experience, even as a creative director for a web design agency or a digital marketing agency. They're frustrated because they have so much more experience than most people on UpWork, but they find themselves competing for clients at the same low rates.

So, I was listening to a web design podcast the other day specifically about how a WordPress developer was able to almost double her rates over the last couple of years. The podcast host was asking what the secret was that allowed her to successfully raise her rates. The secret was no secret at all. Her secret sauce was basically ketchup - the same old stuff everybody always says. Essentially, some variation of "realize your value and charge what you're worth."

I really dislike this advice. There's a much better way to get clients for web design that allows you to build a profitable web design agency significantly faster. Rather than focusing on credentials like having a graphic design degree or having spent time as a creative director, focus on the results you can generate for your clients.

In other words, combine traditional web design - like building WordPress websites, branding, logo design, etc. with at least a basic marketing plan. The marketing plan can include things like email marketing, building funnels, social media management, smma, local SEO, etc.

You'll end up with three components to your package:

1) Web design and branding
2) Hosting, backups, and a WordPress maintenance plan
3) Marketing and lead generation

The web design and branding is usually a one-time payment. Everything else (hosting, WordPress maintenance, and marketing) is all part of a monthly retainer. Now, you're generating recurring revenue with every client. This is the key to building a 6-figure web agency for yourself.
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