How to make Neumorphism (soft) UI Design in Figma | Figma Neumorphism Tutorial for Beginners | 2022

Hello friends!
In this video, we will learn how to create neumorphic UI designs in 4 easy steps.

As you know Figma is a UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design tool that is used all over the world for web design, mobile app design, and general graphic design, so we will be using Figma for this video.

Neumorphism Design style is quite trending for the last 2 years and many companies have adopted the style. Neumorphic UI designs give a sense of Softness and Smoothness in design that creates harmony.
If you want to achieve that soft neumorphic look in your design, follow the video. If you learn something, please like the video, and a sub to the channel would be beautiful.

How to download and install Figma:
How to Install Figma Plugins and use them:
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