How to Make More Money as a Web Developer

This episode is definitely geared more for the web developers, but it's certainly applicable to anyone who's building websites.

There's a trend in our job market right now to stick to what's on our "responsibilities" list. With web developers, that means we think we code and we only code.

We get told to specialize and not learn too much because we can't be a jack of all trades or we'll be a master of none.

You know what, that's kind of bullshit.

There's a lot to be said for specializing and this all depends on the career path you really want for yourself. However, in today's episode, I'm going to get a bit personal and talk about my own dev journey and how my non-conventional approach has not only positively impacted my career and earning potential, but how it's made me a better web developer.

We're about to get a little personal and I've got some tangents to follow but I swear it's worth it. You ready?
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