How To Make Money As A Freelance Web Developer

How To Make Money As A Freelance Web Developer

Offering redesign services during the holiday season is one way to supplement your income as a freelance web developer. This can include logo designs with holiday symbols and/or colors, new holiday backgrounds or fonts, or even an updated landing page. The most famous example is Google's Doodles:
While you're updating your clients' websites with these small touches, you can also offer to rebrand their advertising and marketing campaigns to match the season.
If you're artistic or creative, you could offer to design eCards for your clients. I get eCards from a variety of stores/subscriptions/websites. Many websites use them to promote sales and discounts while also spreading holiday cheer to their customers. If you get on board early enough, you can find a very simple, short-term project that will benefit your clients while also building your reputation all while granting you a little more coin.
You can provide Hosting Services too
Remember how communicating with a client's hosting provider could be a nightmare? Offering your own hosting services, on the other hand, can help to alleviate that nightmare for both of you.
There are several hosting companies that provide reselling plans. With these plans, you can offer your clients anything they would normally get from a traditional hosting company: pricing, disk space and bandwidth, MySQL databases, Cpanel, email accounts, and so on.
This idea will not only supplement your income with a nice, regular monthly payment (or yearly, quarterly, or however you want to bill for it), but it will also make life much easier for your clients. And, as you're probably aware, if you can make things easier for your clients, they'll keep coming back to you for just about anything.

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