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How to Make (Good) Microinteractions?
Most of the time we don’t even realize we are interacting with a microinteraction, but then again that is the whole point to it.

A microinteraction shouldn’t draw attention to itself and overshadow the whole design.

A properly designed microinteraction is subtle, occurring in a short moment, or throughout a longer interaction in an even more subtle way.

That is because, even though the design is fun and all; users always choose functionality over design. So, microinteractions should be moments where functionality and design meet to enhance user experience.

If we were to take a closer look into an instance of interaction, microinteractions serve three important purposes;

Enhance usability and make functionality more fun,
Give the user a feeling of direct control,
Create a connection between the user and the design.

e can easily say that it is fun and functional.

As the user gets feedback on their actions, the user is aware of their control over the app and thus, the animation gives the user a feeling of control. Furthermore, since it’s fun to use, it creates a connection between the user and the design.

Great work.
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