How To Make Animated Website Design Using HTML And CSS Step By Step Tutorial 2022

learn How To Make Animated Website Design Using HTML And CSS Step By Step, Web Design Tutorial For Beginners


In this video you will learn to create a website with animation using HTML and CSS step by step. We will create some bubbles animation and all these bubbles will be moving from bottom to top of website, then it will disappear at top. All bubbles animation will start at different time. We will create it using CSS Animation.

Here are the steps in this HTML website tutorial:

1. Website overview 00:13
2. Instagram Id details 01:38
3. Create Project directory and setup files for site 02:04
4. Link CSS file with HTML 04:31
5. Add Google fonts 06:01
6. Add Font awesome 07:59
7. Creating html structure of website 10:25
8. Add logo in website: 10:51
9. Add CSS in website 15:17
10. Add background image in HTML Website 16:11
11. Design navbar 17:58
12. Add button hover effect using html and CSS 19:01
13. Add style to website content 20:47
14. Add style to website sidebar 22:13
15. Add style to font awesome icons 27:31
16. Add icon hover effect using html and CSS 29:09
17. Responsive website using html and CSS 30:02
18. Add Bubbles animation in website using html and CSS 36:34

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