How to make a wordpress website with elementor pro | Step by step Tutorial

In this video I will show you how to make a wordpress website with elementor pro. This will be a complete and step by step tutorial. Following this process you can make any website as you need.

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✅ CSS for sticky header

Overview with Timestamps:
00:45​ Overview of the tutorial
03:10 Main steps

03:41​ Get a domain and webhosting
13:09​ Install Wordpress
15:23​ Clean Up Wordpress

18:08​ Install theme
19:35 Get Elementor Pro

23:40 Create Home page
24:43 Hero section
35:06 About section
42:00 Fix responsive
46:38 Services section
52:31 Portfolio section
57:15 Clients logo area

1:02:23 Make custom header and footer
1:20:36 Make transparent sticky header

1:23:49 Design About us page
1:29:39 Services page
1:32:17 Case studies page
1:33:45 Create single project page

1:38:25 Create blog page
1:40:03 Upload blog posts
1:49:55 Design single blog page
1:54:13 Different page design for specific category blog post
1:57:05 Design post archive page

2:01:03 Design contact page

2:06:28 Some advanced features of Elementor Pro
2:06:42 Add animated title
2:09:45 Add animation with text and widgets
2:14:00 Create Popup

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