How to Make a FREE Wedding RSVP Website with Joy: Full Tutorial

Learn how to make a free website for your wedding from a professional website designer. In this video we'll use Joy to make a free wedding website that matches your colors and theme to collect RSVPs, organize your registry, showcase your schedule and wedding party, and give travel information.

00:00 Intro
00:46 Create account with Joy
02:36 Design your wedding website
06:25 Add your photos
09:21 Wedding details & settings
12:27 Edit story page
14:19 Edit home page
14:43 Add a video
15:36 Edit schedule
17:24 Edit travel page
18:22 Guest Q&A page
19:11 Edit wedding party page
20:10 Add your registry


Create an account with Joy: https://withjoy.com/

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Want to finally get your website done this weekend?https://ventusdesignstudio.com/weekend-website

Want me to make your website for you? Schedule a meeting here: https://ventusdesignstudio.com/get-started/

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