How to make a #free website in 30 minutes (No coding required)

Creating a personal website (#portfolio) is very important and it plays a crucial role in landing various #job and #intership #opportunities.

The link that you require
1. https://nupins.in or https://nupins.com
2. https://ui.nupins.in

With help of nupins you can make and deploy your website in less than 30 minutes without any prior knowledge of #HTML, #CSS and #JAVASCRIPT or any coding.

1. Register yourself
2. Activate your account
3. Login to Nupins
4. Fill your details
5. Choose theme and choose color combination
6. Pay and choose the domain of your choosing

You will receive a notification via email about the activation status of website.

Along with the portfolio website you also get multiple template to print your resume
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