How to learn UX Design in 2022

Are you interested in getting a tech job but don't want to learn how to code? UX design may be for you. In this video, a product designer at Meta (Facebook) gives you 5 concrete steps you should take to learn UX design in 2022. Hope you find this video useful!

0:00 Intro
0:26 What is product design?
3:30 Step 1: Get acquainted with the design process
6:26 Step 2: Join a design community
9:06 Step 3: Learn a design tool & visual design principles
12:16 Step 4: Do more design projects
16:10 Step 5: Invest in growing your knowledge
17:52 Bonus step: Learn HTML & CSS
19:36 Outro

Google UX course:

Design slack communities:

Figma design tool:

Graphic design basics:

10 usability heuristics:

Designer youtube channels I love to watch:
Web design
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