How To Job Search and Network In The UX Design Industry (2022)

Thinking about changing to a career in UX? Watch this interview with UX bootcamp graduate Cecile to hear how she did it.

When it comes to retraining for a career change in UX, it’s not just the course work that’s a challenge for many, but often also the job search that follows. However, if you approach the task prepared, you may find it’s not as daunting as it initially seems.

Take it from someone who’s been down this path before: Cecile Leroy completed the UX Design Program and Job Preparation Course with CareerFoundry, and—with the help of her Career Specialist—landed a job at a startup soon after graduating.

Cecile was interviewed by her CareerFoundry Career Specialist, Neely Raffellini. In this interview, the pair discuss the specific strategies Cecile used during her job search to receive multiple job offers, focusing on the importance of getting off job boards and integrating networking into your job search strategy.

Here are some of the questions answered during the interview:

- What encouraged you to enrol in the Job Preparation course? What were some of the tips that you took away from it?

- How did you put your own spin on the techniques taught in the Job Preparation course?

- In the Job Preparation course—and for the job search in general—we really emphasize networking. Can you tell me a bit about how you did that?

- What tips would you give students who find it stressful to network?

- What networking platforms did you find the most beneficial for job searching? Can you talk about how you utilized each one?

So whether you’re contemplating a career change—or already in the process of looking for work—this conversation between Cecile and Neely will no doubt inspire you to tackle whatever the job search process brings.

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