How To Improve Your Workflow As a Freelance Web Designer

Learn how the working process for freelance web designers is organized and get practical tips on how to improve your workflow and get more clients.
00:40 Intro
04:03 How To Get Your First Clients As a Freelance Designer
11:28 You Got a Potential Customer, Yay! Important Things To Do Before Starting
26:07 How To Price Your Projects
37:46 How To Communicate With Clients
43:04 Important Things To Do After The Work Is Done And Approved
47:21 Bonus: Tips & Tricks For Web Designers
51:14 List Of Handy Websites For Designers
52:10 Q&A

Speaker: Simon Wijers, a professional designer with 14+ years of experience.

Simon shares his best practices on what often goes behind the scenes:
-How to create a designer's portfolio even if you don't have clients yet;
-How to plan your workflow efficiently;
-How to price your projects;
-How to communicate with different clients;
-How to spread the word and never stay without customers.
+ Plenty of "I wish I knew it before" tips to grow as a web designer.

Simons's portfolio website: https://swdesigns.nl

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