How To Improve The Performance Of Your Marketing Campaigns

How To Improve The Performance Of Your Marketing Campaigns

Identify and determine what metric of performance you want to improve, you can't just say "I want my marketing campaigns to do better".

Look at what you promise in your ad text or visuals, and compare that
to the destination that you are sending people to. Also, look at the devices that people are accessing your ads

If mobile, are your ads and landing pages truly optimized for that experience?

Do you have calls to action in the right places?

Do you have supporting media (reviews, testimonials, or videos) to back
up your claims?

Are you using the right language? Generally simple is better, as ad interaction time is quick.

4:56 COST:
Look at the optimization of your campaigns. Are you casting too wide of a net?

Are you targeting the right demographics?

The right geographical areas?

The right intent?

One mistake we often see is that people advertise for a general interest vs. an intent to hire or purchase?

Is anyone even ACTIVELY managing your campaigns or just letting them run?

Do you have tracking in places for calls, conversions, A-B testing?

Ad Rank and quality scores. How relevant are your ads to your destinations?

8:42 This can be done for both paid and organic campaigns

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