How To Get TRAFFIC To Your Website For FREE (10 Great Tips)

If you want to know how to get traffic to your website for free then just follow my 10 tips in today's video. Although it can feel like an uphill battle getting traffic, it's still possible to increase website traffic for free ready for 2022.

I've been there too, in fact only a couple of years ago my business recommendations started drying up. There are only so many years a business can keep growing without optimisation, marketing or any investment.

0:00 Introduction to website traffic
0:50 Issues I faced in business
2:12 Local SEO
3:23 Traffic using keywords
5:24 Branding For Traffic
7:39 Update regularly on the website
9:02 Add videos for improved engagement
10:52 Trends help bring in huge traffic
12:02 Images are promoted by Google
13:25 Email marketing for loyal returning traffic
14:22 Repurpose and optimise old articles
15:47 Social media traffic

So I decided to find ways to get traffic to my website myself on a low budget. It can be confusing, so many expressions, digital marketing, black hat white hat, optimising, NAP, GMB, EAT, SEO

After reading several blogs, watching some great videos, I realised you have to cut out a lot of the empty promises and focus on what really works. So today, there are 10 things that worked for me

1 - Local SEO
Still the quickest and best - just add your business
Optimize your website for #localseo search
Be aware there are 2 types of audiences in #SEO (Search engine optimisation)
Local SEO for #traffic to your website from local search (GMB)

2 - Keywords
Understand that before you write an article or add a description for a product, you need to know what keywords are
For this, use Google search or
Also if you understand the visitors intent, you will be able to write for them (scratch the itch )
Google wants you to use keywords
7 Tools For Keyword Research in Google My Business https://youtu.be/EGJpnD1MK1Q

3 - Branding
Build a website for your brand
have a website - WordPress is still the best and submit to search engines
I use Yoast to optimise my chosen keyword - it checks your headings and volume of keywords in traffic
1 Simple Trick To Improve Branding Your Business By 82% https://youtu.be/hTXX6jpxLQ4

4 - Links
Add regular consistent content, and make it valuable and unique
(others will want to link to it if they do you get free backlinks)
2 types of backlink strategies https://youtu.be/jHG_lNoPW3Q

5 - Add video
This will help your authority grow, but also the hidden benefit
It signals to google that viewers are staying on the page in the analytics
So if it's worth visiting, google promotes it https://youtu.be/l3N10eGgjh8

6 - Trends
Write about topics that are current or growing
I have a form on my website for questions
I also answer questions on my youtube channel
But questions are so important as they reveal the real needs of your customers

7 - Images
Create unique images
when you write a blog, think of images that would work
You don't need to be a graphic designer to produce charts, stats or even use free software to make great images, these images will often bring in great traffic

8 - Mailchimp
Build a free list
Newsletters and lists still work
Sometimes a giveaway is needed, but a will ling follower being updated will provide a good core to the basic traffic
how to create a list mailchimp https://youtu.be/uzzKU1HhVL

9 - Re-optmise
Reoptimise old posts and make them special
Ask how could you improve it
check the keywords you used and optimise with new stats, updated info, new videos

10 - Social Media
When you add a new blog post
Let others know about it
Get involved with topics being discussed so you are a known authority - people will naturally want to visit your website

Imagine having a Social media tool If you conquer these social media apps with regular updates, you will see a massive improvement in traffic. THIS VIDEO - https://youtu.be/BznBTrs6uTk

You can do these 10 things today!

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