How to Get Started in Graphic Design

Want to get into graphic design? Learn what graphic designers do, what apps they use, how to get started, and more. See examples of design work and learn about creating a graphic design portfolio.

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Video Chapters:
00:00 Intro
2:28 How to Get Started
6:14 What is Graphic Design?
9:17 Examples of Graphic Design Work
18:33 Apps for Graphic Design
21:02 Learn Graphic Design
21:46 UI & Web Design
24:43 Examples of Web Design
39:03 Examples of App Design
42:00 Apps for UI & Web Design
46:26 Should I Learn to Code?
51:49 Web Animation
58:52 Learn Web Design
1:01:31 Computer Requirements
1:15:14 Portfolios
1:27:47 Building a Portfolio
1:34:10 Final Thoughts
1:35:32 Learn More

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