How to get hired as Frontend Developer in 2022 ft. @Akshay Saini | Learn Web Development| Anshika

Hey everyone,

In this video I am talking to @Akshay Saini and we are discussing about resources to become frontend developer, how can you become web developer , how much time it will take to learn web development and much more.

Hope you like it!

Timestamps -

00:00 - 02:10 - Akshay Saini Journey
02:11 - 09:53 - Roadmap to become frontend developer
09:54 - 11:55 - Which framework to choose from React, Angular, Vue?
11:56 - 14:34 - Javascript for MERN and MEAN Developer
14:35 - 17:37 - Frontend engineer have less salary?
17:38 - 23:01 - Difference between work of SDE-1, SDE-2 and SDE-3
23:02 - Cons of being a Software Developer

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