How to Get Hired as a Web Developer in 6 Months

There are no two ways about it, learning to code will take some time and effort. After all, if coding were “easy”, companies wouldn’t pay web developers so well! Still, it would be good to know how much time you need to commit and how to go about things productively. In this video, @Alex Booker from Scrimba sets out an idealistic study plan, covering all the core topics you need to know to become a hireable junior web developer.

00:00 Introduction
02:16 HTML and CSS
03:30 JavaScript
03:58 Responsive design
06:03 Next-level JavaScript
07:01 APIs
09:32 Flexbox and Grid
10:33 Git
11:57 React
12:36 Advanced React
14:22 Resume
15:27 Portfolio
17:04 Outro

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