How to Generate QR Code using Javascript | Javascript Project Tutorial 2022

In this Javascript Tutorial, I will teach you how you can generate QR code using Javascript (JS) and HTML.

A QR Code (Quick Response code) is a two-dimensional square barcode that can store encoded data. Most of the time, people use the QR Code to link to their website URL (any text/string can be generated in QR Code)

Github Source Code:
Javascript QRcode Library:
QR Code Generator Tool:
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00:00:32 - QR code generator demo
00:03:13 - UI Design for QR Code generator using javascript
00:04:42 - Write Javascript Code for QR Code Generator
00:04:50 - Demo of Generated QR Code
00:05:10 - Fetch QR code with CamScanner
00:07:10 - Download Image with Javascript with demo
00:09:05 - Copy Image to clipboard Using javaScript
00:09:16 - Build QR Code Generator using JavaScript
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