How to Find your Discord Token 2021

Have you been wondering on how you Find Your Discord Token?
This video guides you in easy step by step process to Find Your Discord Token

Follow these simple steps:
1. To do this trick we will need to use discord on the web so open up a web browser and head over to discordapp.com and sign in to your account.
2. When you are logged in, you want to open up the developer tools on your web browser.
3. On chrome it’s done by clicking the menu button, selecting more tools and then selecting ‘developer tools’.
4. In the dev tools, you want to select ‘application’ from the tabs up top, if you don't see application click the arrow button to expand.
5. In the application tab, expand local storage from the left sidebar and then select ‘discordapp.com’.
6. Now In filter tab type in token
7. Tap on the mobile view button besides the element tab
8. Now you will be able to see your token.

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