How To Find Design TRENDS In 2022 (Should You Care?)

Graphic design trends in 2022 are evolving fast! We need to keep up with trends.. or do we?? This video takes a deeper look into design trends this year, and asks if they are useful or not to us designers.
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As I mentioned in the video, design trends can help us as designers, but they also can be harmful. It really depends on how they are used, just as is the case with any tool out there.
I like to use graphic design trends mainly on things such as social media artwork, promotional materials, and marketing print or digital assets. In these cases, trends are fine to use imho, because the end user of the designs won't engage with the designs for long periods of time. The designs will be replaced later down the line with other designs. This isn't the case with logo designs, hence why I don't like to incorporate design trends into my logo designs.

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