How to Evaluate a Site's Web Performance Techniques Using Fiddler Everywhere

In this video, you'll learn how you can use Fiddler Everywhere to evaluate the web performance techniques for a site. You'll learn what can improve the performance of a site, and how different performance techniques work or don't, and how to tell if a site is using them with the help of Fiddler Everywhere.
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00:00 - Intro: Performance concerns and techniques
00:29 - Comparing Before and After web performance metrics
01:03 - Using the Fiddler Everywhere Overview Tab to inspect requests & their performance
01:55 - Spot Checking for typical range metrics for web pages
02:47 - Performance Technique #1- Looking for the use of HTTP compression.
03:29 - How to look at the JQuery in Fiddler Everywhere’s Overview Tab
04:10 - Performance Technique #2 - Expirations or caching
06:57 - Setting caching directives and expirations in your web server
07:04 - Performance Technique #3 - Checking for a CDN Service
07:52 - Overview Tab - see requests per host to avoid multiple connections
08:48 - What to pay attention to when hosting fonts
09:05 - Performance Technique #4 - Minified files
10:51 - Performance Technique #5 - Quality and size of images
12:29 - Performance Technique #6 - Responsive images and breakpoints
14:30 - Performance Technique #7 - Lazy Loading
16:20 - Looking for TLS versioning for HTTPS
17:38 - Performance Technique #8 - Enabling HTTP2 support in Fiddler Everywhere
19:20 - Wrap Up

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