How To Do a Scope Of Work (SOW) For Web App Development and Software Projects

How To Do a Scope Of Work (SOW) For Web App Dev and Software Projects:

Learn how to do a Scope Of Work (SOW) for Web App Dev and Software Projects with this step-by-step guide from Optimum7. Download a sample SOW Checklist for Software Projects.

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There are many reasons why you need to know how to do a scope of work for a software project. Perhaps you don’t have an in-house team to execute that project, or perhaps the time commitment for this type of work doesn’t fit with other tasks that must still get completed in order to keep business moving smoothly. In situations like this, you will need to outsource the project to professionals for a better end product.

But the key to success for any project is communication.

When you communicate your needs, expectations, and intentions clearly from the beginning with those who will work on it there will be fewer surprises down the line.



How Much Does This Scope-Out Cost?
Most prospects are concerned about this cost. Unfortunately, it really depends.

They typically range anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000, depending, but each project is different — which is the reason that you want to do a scope up in the first place.

Why Should a Client Invest in a Scope-Out?
Without a scope of work, all your client has is an idea. It’s rarely in anyone’s best interest to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars following an idea without form or foundation.

For example, a prospect may take an idea to a development company and the developers quickly agree, provide quotes, and get to work. However, they did nothing to demonstrate that they understand the objectives of the client’s business, the complexity of the project, the details of the tech stack, and the different functionalities required at the backend and frontend.

A scope out enables you, and your prospect, to do the following:
It enables prospective clients to see their idea in a more realized form. It enables you to provide them with a 50- to 100-page-long technical specification that’s going to nail down everything, from payment integrations to single sign-on functionality for customers to create or to log into their accounts on Facebook, Google, or Twitter.

Additionally, it enables the client to take their scope-out document and open it up for bid. By doing this, they can get accurate pricing quotes from different developers.

Finally, it allows you to express value to your prospective client. You’ll be empowered to demonstrate that a scope of work is in their best interest because, in the end, the scope-out process will be more cost-effective and labor-saving than hoping that a developer can summon the right process from an unformed idea.

Scope of work is what defines the success or failure of any project. It’s important to define every detail you can think of, so there are no misunderstandings about your intentions with them later down the project schedule.

In other words: “a written list that tells people exactly how we plan on doing everything”.

Master the Scope-Out Process with Optimum7:
Web app development is a fickle industry. Often, the services we provide aren’t understood clearly, and it’s up to us to sell our prospective clients on why these services are invaluable. If you want more strategies for pitching and developing meaningful, value-additive scopes of work, reach out to the Optimum7 team today.

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