How to Design the Footer in Google Sites | Google Sites Tutorial

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So In this video, we are going to learn how to design footers on google sites.

The website footer – the collection of elements found at the bottom of web pages – often gets the least amount of attention in website design.
The website footer is the section of content at the very bottom of a web page. It typically contains a copyright notice, link to a privacy policy, sitemap, logo, contact information, social media icons, and an email sign-up form. In short, a footer contains information that improves a website’s overall usability.

When that happens, it’s a missed opportunity. Footers are surprisingly essential to a website’s performance.

More people see the footer than one might assume. People do in fact scroll, especially on mobile devices. Appropriate footer content signals that they’ve reached the bottom of a page, without a clunky ending.

More importantly, links in the footer serve three additional user-experience purposes:

They give site visitors one more chance to take the desired action. If you want people to sign up for your mailing list, view a product demo, or contact you, inviting them at the end of a scroll is an effective call to action, much like the CTAs at the end of ads.

They present a path to continuing engagement. By including navigation links in the footer, you make it easy for site visitors to keep exploring without forcing them to scroll back up.

They provide access to important information that’s necessary but shouldn’t get top billing (i.e. your copyright info, privacy statements, and legal disclaimers).
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