How to design Login and Register Form for website using HTML step by step

Our topic is about How we can create a login and register form using HTML CSS JS? let's Solve this issue by developing Login and Register Form Design, Switch Between Two Forms.

before start learn to create a switchable login and register form with login and register design. Basically, there are two types of forms one for sign in and one for sign up. And these two sections are divided in parts, one side has a login form and one side has a registration form. By default, you will see the form fields of registration, but when you will click on sign-in button then the from will slide and switch the section. When you will click on sign up again then it will slide again and show the section.

let's we start let's create a new folder, inside that you have to create one index HTML file, one function js file, and one style CSS file as you can see we created.

here, in that folder we selected run visual studio code software, if you do have not to shortcut then you have to open the start menu and search for visual studio code software or install a new setup.

once you open visual studio code then you see the left side penal has two folders and one single file called index.html, you have to open and follow the command.

after completing an index.html code then opens the style CSS file and follow the code.

now open the function.js file and follow the command you see in the video. after completing the code let's resolved any error.

if you follow the same code as seen in the video then open the index.html file on the root folder then you have to see we create a login and register form using HTML CSS JS successfully in this project.

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