How to design a University Portal Web-site ? ** STUDENT PORTAL DEMO **

Welcome, Stranger!
My name is Daniel, I am a Junior Flutter software developer. I'm a current bachelor graduate, but a half of a year ago, we got a project in Software design course. We decided to go with a Portal for University. It ended up to be a really nice project to help students communicate with each other about any information related with specific course.
P.s The project was built by using Django( Python-based framework).
Enjoy your life, and upgrade yourself on everyday basis!

*** GITHUB ***
Git - https://bit.ly/3yc0PM6

FB - https://bit.ly/3bo5UcF
IG - https://bit.ly/3yhTMTA

*** SUPPORT ***
Donation Alerts - https://bit.ly/3ynFsZT
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