How to Design a Great Website Homepage | Insights on web-design from 'Don't Make Me Think'

Besides adding a name and purpose on your website's homepage design, there are other key must-have features that self-explanatory websites need to include. Learn what they're and get insights on how to design trustworthy, self-explanatory, and stress-free websites, here: https://emeritus.onelink.me/RB9i/6a242239

Don’t Make Me Think by usability engineer, Steve Krug, explains how building a great website goes beyond technology, design and into the realm of human psychology. Krug helps you understand the principles of intuitive navigation and information design.

0:27 The site's organizational hierarchy
0:45 The need for a search bar
0:58 Including a marketing preview
1:12 Including feature and content promotions
1:44 Link to registration/signup page

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