How to Design a Great Website Homepage? ESSENTIAL Elements Your Homepage Must Have - Tips.

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What You Should Include in Your Website Homepage Design?
Are you Redesigning your website? Do Want to generate more leads?
Quick Look to these 15 essential elements every homepage should have.
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1. Headline (Heading 1, H1)
Within three seconds, a website needs to tell visitors what the business has to offer.
Everything on your site rolls up to the Website homepage. It should say what the site is about,
and give launching off points to find what's available.
Within three seconds, a website needs to tell visitors what the business has to offer. That's where your headline comes in. It may only be a few words, but it's one of the most important pieces of copy on your website.
Even if visitors to your site most frequently, start deeper within your content pages because they have come from a search results page or a link from social media,

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