How to customize WooCommerce Shop Page with Elementor Theme Builder

In this video, we will see how to customize WooCommerce Shop Page with Elementor Theme Builder. Elementor theme builder is the feature of Elementor Pro plugin. This feature will help you customize the Shop page in WooCommerce. The default layout of the WooCommerce shop page does not look good in Hello Elementor theme. SO we wil customize this Shop page using ELementor theme builder.

There are many per-designed layouts which you can choose using your Elementor pro account. However in this video, we will customize the layout manually.
You can also add as many elements on the shop as you want. Add, text, images, featured products, sidebar, sliders, and more.
So you can fully customize the Shop page in Elementor.

In previous videos, we designed templates for header, footer, single page single post, blog page, product, Shop page etc.
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I hope that you will like this video series of woocommerce tutorials. I have tried to cover all the topics to create e-commerce website using woocommerce plugin for wordpress.
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That's it for how to customize WooCommerce shop page with Elementor Theme Builder

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