How to create mobile app website in Html ,CSS and jQuery | In Hindi

Hello friends, in this tutorial you can learn how To make a website step by step using HTML CSS, And Jquery. In this tutorial, I will explain the full details of this to you in Hindi, you can learn new things in this video like Typewriter Effect, Jquery active hover, Accordion, Popover video, Different kinds of sliders, Fixed Header, Smooth Scroll, Switch Price Tabel, Animation, SVG images and many other things that you can learn. So watch this video till the end.

Note: I Will Upload Full Source Code Soon.

* Images , CSS & JS Code Download --

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Html tutorial for beginners in Hindi

00:00:00 Introduction
00:07:06 File Setup
00:11:55 Css File Setup
0:20:57 Header Part
00:54:04 Animation Add
01:00:11 Features Sec
01:23:09 Fixed Header
01:26:45 Top To Scroll Button
01:33:14 Feature Sub-sec
01:46:40 How App Work
01:58:51 Popup VIdeo
02:13:54 Screenshots Slider
02:25:04 Faq Sec
02:34:35 Newsletter Sec
02:47:37 Price Sec
03:29:14 Testimonial Sec
03:44:12 Contact Us
03:56:34 Footer
04:11:04 Smooth Scroll
04:12:14 Final

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