How to Create an Interior Design Website in WordPress



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In this video, I have explained how to create an Interior designer Website with WordPress.

To create the Interior designer Website using WordPress you need to buy a domain and WordPress hosting services. To register a domain and buy WordPress hosting go to

Once you buy a domain and hosting then you need to follow the instructions explained below:-

Step 1: Choose a unique name for your Interior designer Website.

Step 2: Buy WordPress website hosting from the domain racer.

Step 3: Set up your WordPress hosting.

Step 4:Install WordPress in Cpanel if you are buying Cpanel hosting.

Step 5:Install the desired theme.

Step 6:Install and activate the plugin.

Step 7:Choose the desired template

Step 8: Then, Customize your Interior designer website.

That's all guys, I have explained everything in this video to create an Interior designer website successfully but if you still have any queries then write in the comment section and I'll answer there.

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