How To Create An eCommerce Website 2022 | Complete Webshop Tutorial

In this eCommerce website tutorial, I show you step by step how to create an automated and highly converting webshop using WordPress, WooCommerce, and the Astra theme.

Get a domainname and webhosting:

Get the Astra Theme:

Example website:

With the Astra theme, the old WooCommerce pages will be transformed into beautifully designed pages that are optimized for conversion.

After installing WooCommerce I show you how to create 6 different kinds of products. We will redesign the product page and archive page using the Astra theme.

We will optimize the Cart Page, Checkout Page, and My Account page.

We will talk about coupon codes, shipping, payment methods, taxes, and email design.

When our eCommerce website is up and running, we will focus more on the rest of our WordPress website. We will create a header from scratch, and make it optimized for all devices. We will also create a footer, and talk about the homepage and things you can do using Astra Pro.

When you follow all the steps in this tutorial, you are able to sell things on autopilot throughout the whole world. The only thing you need to take care of is sending the right products to the right people.

00:00 Intro
06:15 What Is Domain Name And Webhosting
13:49 Install WordPress (For Free)
16:33 Clean Up Your WordPress Website
20:27 Your Site Title (Very Important)

22:15 Get The Astra Theme
26:13 Install WooCommerce

Create 6 Different Products In WooCommerce
33:40 Create A Simple Product
48:24 Optimise The Product Page
56:56 Create A Variable Product
15:23 Create A Digital Product
01:17:06 Create A Downloadable Product
01:20:13 Create An Affiliate Product
01:22:26 Create A Grouped Product

01:23:44 Import Products Into Your Website
01:24:35 Upsells And Cross Sells
01:26:57 Optimize The Catalog Page

01:43:52 Optimize The Cart Page
01:47:15 Optimize The Checkout And My Account Page

01:56:35 Implement Credit Card and Klarna as Payment Method
02:01:31 Implement Paypal as Payment Method
02:03:37 Coupon Codes
02:09:20 Shipping
02:17:18 Modern Cart
02:23:08 Taxes
02:37:58 Automate Taxes
02:39:07 WooCommerce Settings
02:42:36 Optimise The Emails You Send To Customers
02:54:33 How To Process Incoming Orders

Your WordPress Website
02:56:23 Create A Header From Scratch
02:58:04 Create A Menu
03:14:42 Add Smart Search To Your Header (Free Plugin)
03:21:24 Optimise Your Website For All Devices
03:31:15 Create A Footer
03:44:32 The Homepage Of Your Website
03:56:07 Astra Pro Features
03:58:46 Thank You

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