How to Create a Successful WordPress Site - learn Web Design

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How to Create a Successful WordPress Site - learn Web Design
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Learn how to create an awesome WordPress site and a bunch of cool tricks to drive traffic to make it super successful!
,Ok, so want to promote your business online but first you need to get a nice looking website up and running.,Problem is that you have no clue even where to start and no money to hire one of those web designer gurus to do it for you for a zillion dollars.,Luckily there is a great solution out there to create websites for free!,It's called WordPress but you have no idea how to get WordPress up and running and don't have the time to go out there and doing a bunch of research to just get a basic site up.,In this cool online wordpress course I will teach you the wordpress basics on how to get a WordPress site up and running in no time, but most importantly, I'll teach you how to attract visitors so you can become profitable as soon as possible.,The basic wordpress course will cover:,●  How to get a domain: 3 tricks to find great available domain names for your website and 1 cool trick to always pay less for them than anyone else.,●  How to get web hosting: find affordable web hosting providers and learn your way around their admin panels.,●  How to install WordPress: how to install WordPress via FTP or with 1-Click Installs from your webhost.,●  How to make your first post: Give it a title, HTML vs Visual view.,●  Categories vs Tags: what are they and how to use them to best organize your content.,●  Learn to use Pages vs Posts: Learn to use wordpress pages and posts the right way.,●  How to upload a picture: Learn to resize and upload pictures to your blog.,●  How to insert a video: Uploading and embedding videos using YouTube and Vimeo.,●  How to change the look with themes: where to find great free themes for free and install them.,●  Best places to hire an affordable designer: a couple of places to hire the best designers for peanuts.,●  How to enhance your site using free plugins: learn to install an manage plugins to make your site faster and more reliable.,●  How to track traffic to your site: Use JetPack and Google Analytics to track everything about your visitors.,●  How rank high on search results: Learn basic search engine optimization and social media techniques to increase those juicy visits really fast.,Getting your site online is the first step to benefiting from the great wonders the Internet can offer you.,However..,It really doesn't matter how pretty your site is if no one gets to see it.,Success on the Internet is really a numbers game, the more visitors you get the more sales you get, plain simple.,So in this course I devote 8 whole chapters to teach you how to get your site noticed, promoted, and loved by the world so you can get those coveted eyeballs looking your way and help your online business thrive.,As a bonus I'll:,- Let you peak inside my own website's traffic stats and explain them.,- How to install a live chat to talk to visitors in real time.,- How to install a cool rotating ad banner to showcase your main products.,- How to create a good looking Facebook page widget for your site to increase your followers.,- How to set up a free Newsletter to keep in touch with your audience and generate more leads.,- and to top it all! just to make sure have a good time learning..,I'll even serenade you with the first WordPress song ever, composed and horribly sang from me to you.. with luuuvvvv,(PS: If you sit through the whole song you'll get bonus points  ),This course has 51 chapters shot in HD video amounting to over 4 hours of instruction where I pour all my knowledge accumulated over the years.,My own company, Grumo Media runs on WordPress and I am happy to say than I run a very profitable online business using this awesome free platform.,Now I want to share all I have learned with you so you can become successful online too!,Ready? let's do it!
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