How To Create A Responsive Website Using HTML CSS And JS

Learn How To Create A Responsive Website Using HTML CSS And JS/Javascript
Hello guys, In this video tutorial you will learn how to create and design a complete responsive landing page gym website just using html css and javascript with step by step
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Responsive Side Navigation Menu Bar

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Responsive Testimonial Page Section
Time-lapse :
00:00 Landing Page Website | Demo
07:49 Insert FontAwesome Icons CDN link in Html
08:08 Navigation bar
09:12 Insert Google Fonts in CSS
12:24 Home Section
17:43 About Section
23:12 Workout Section
27:00 Trainers Section
34:31 Diet Section
40:30 Contact Section
45:42 Copyright Bar in Bottom
47:28 Create Sticky Navbar in JS
49:50 Make Responsive Website
Topics Covered :
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