How To Create A Responsive 3 Column Layout Using html And CSS *2022*

How To Create A Responsive 3 Column Layout In html5 And CSS3

This is a video tutorial on how to create a responsive three column layout using html5 and CSS3. Responsive means that when the screen is downsized such as viewing on a mobile device, the columns will stack on top of each other making for a better viewing experience. I will be using VS Code and the Google Chrome web browser.

0:00 How To Create A Responsive 3 Column Layout In HTML
0:20 Example Of A Responsive Three Column Layout
0:33 Create A Folder On The Desktop
1:08 Open The Folder In VS Code
1:30 Create An HTML File In VS Code
1:55 Create An HTML Boilerplate In VS Code
2:10 Create A CSS File In VS Code
2:45 How To Connect A CSS File To Html In VS Code
4:20 Start Coding The HTML File
8:40 Example Without CSS
9:05 Begin Styling CSS
13:35 Create A Media Query To Make The Columns Responsive
17:45 Example Of A Responsive Two Column Layout

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