How to create a professional website template using HTML and CSS for beginners? (from ZERO to HERO)

Download link of Visual Studio Code:
Download link of Font Awesome:
Font Awesome icons:
Font Awesome CDN link:

A full Course for beginners after this video you will be able to create and design websites' templates. All the information you need to start being a web designer!!
The aim of this video that you will be able to know the answers of:
- How to download visual studio code (You use it for coding.)
- What is HTML? How to use it?
- How to attach the CSS file with HTML and start styling the HTML tags.
- full knowledge of creating a professional navbar.
- How to upload an image? and controlling the width well.
- How to use Font Awesome? how to attach font awesome?
- How to download Font Awesome? Font Awesome CDN link
- How to write on the picture?
- How to differ every tag of the website using the class inside the tag?
- Using Hover.
-How to remove the annoying horizontal scroll that exists when the width is larger than possible?
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