How to Create a Modern Flat UI Design Dashboard in C# 2020

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How to Make Modern Flat UI Design Dashboard in C# or material design application in c# windows form?
Need some ideas or a simple design to make a Dashboard in C#.
This clean design will even work with your programming Projects or Assignments.
This tutorial is suitable for beginners and advanced users too.

If you are new to programming and you are using IDE like Visual Studio to build software, This video has shown every works step by step.
Every System or application should have a clean and clear dashboard to display the statics and details, so you can practice or look at how things work out in this tutorial.

I made a simple design of a Dashboard, if you have more creative and logical ideas you can implement them with your own codes in the system.



You can download the Source Code from the below link.



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Video Section:

0:00 introduction
0:48 Basic Form Designing
1:19 Navigation Menu Designing
7:43 Basic Coding
8:39 Navigation Menu Coding
11:38 Dashboard Designing
20:36 Outro


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