How To Create a Free Website in 2022 | WordPress Tutorial for Beginner | Rishi Theme Review

In this video, I will show you how to create a free website in 2022. Yes, this video will show you installation of free theme, free template and free plugin. I will show you the complete website design in this video and this video is focusing on WordPress tutorial for beginner. Even if you do not know a lot about website design, you will be able to create free website from the scratch. Using free theme, we will design a free website for Construction business. At the end of this video, you will be able to design website for various businesses such as Gym, Spa, Restaurant, consultant, beauty shop and many more.

We will be using free theme called as Rishi Theme.
Download Free Rishi theme from here: https://bit.ly/3IDKQum

You can go to the link given above and download the free Rishi theme. You will need to create an account and then download it. Save the theme on your computer.
This theme will give you option to select many free templates and using these free templates, you will be able to create a free website in 2022.

Timestamp for this video:
00:00 Introduction
01:10 Download Rishi Theme
06:40 Install Theme
08:05 Install plugins
09:15 Import Free Template
14:40 Customize Header
23:30 Customize Footer
27:30 Edit Typography
28:50 Change Color
31:15 Mobile Header
32:50 Layout - Sidebar, Button, Scroll To Top, 404 page
36:23 Social Media links
37:20 Edit Home Page
48:00 Edit About Page
50:00 Services page Template
55:35 Portfolio page template
58:30 Testimonials page
01:01:05 Edit Contact page
01:03:15 Blog page and posts
01:08:30 Page speed of Rishi Theme

I really liked this theme as it has many features which will help you design stunning website for free. Below are some features of Rishi theme.
- No jQuery
- Less than 75 KB
- Loads in just half a second!
- Optimized code
- Smart Lazy Loading for Images
- WooCommerce Boosts
- Lazy Load Images
- Free Layouts
- Header and Footer Builder
- Transparent Header, Sticky Header
- Color & Typography
- Site Layouts
- Boxed, Content Boxed, Unboxed, Fluid Container, Flexible Container
- Sidebar Layouts
- Google Fonts, System Stack Fonts
- Blog Layout, Classic, List, Grid and Masonry layout
- and many more

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